4 Reasons to Choose Community

Posted By on Jan 22, 2021

One of my favorite proverbs, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”, sums up everything I believe about community.

Today, more than ever, being part of a community is invaluable. The pandemic has isolated us causing greater stress handling a chaotic world. Working from home, we may find ourselves disengaging from others who kept us motivated.

While most of us are members of various organizations, clubs, and networking groups, not all build community. There is a significant difference.

I get asked a lot what I mean by “community”. I’ve found the best way to understand the community difference is to ask yourself these four questions.

#1. Can you let your true self show when you are with your group, or do you find yourself acting how you think others expect you to act?

Community happens when members give each other permission to be themselves. Being vulnerable and authentic comes naturally and are rewarded with trusting and supportive relationships. You’ve heard of imposter syndrome, haven’t you? Well, that doesn’t exist within a community.

#2. Do you feel a genuine connection with the members of your group?

A connection means that you’ve gone beyond the surface to get to know other members and to understand their strengths and their particular needs. In community there’s a willingness to help one another face challenges and celebrate achievements without judgment. There’s no scorecard to track how many people I’ve helped and how many have helped me. Because within community, we genuinely wish our fellow members to succeed along with us.

#3. When you’re with your group, is it ok for you to voice a different idea or perspective?

Within a community, exploring diverse perspectives are encouraged because it opens our eyes to new ideas and points of view that we may never have otherwise considered. It’s how we learn and grow as individuals and as community. We may not always agree, but we do respect each other’s right to disagree.

That leads to my last question.

#4. Does your group support your growth?

Sharing of good and not so good experiences is a great way to learn. Openness and curiosity enrich our understanding making us more aware, more productive and leads to continuous personal and professional growth. We all want to keep growing, right?

Community is not just about you or about me, it’s about the collective us.

Whether you seek a business community such as Suite Spotte’s Go-To-Grow community, or a community of fitness or wine enthusiasts, find a group that empowers you to be the best you can be. Such a community will fill you with energy, joy, and give you the confidence to grow far beyond what you ever imagined.

Make the wise choice. Choose community and go far together.


  1. Hey Sue!! Great read, particularly like # 3. Hope it’s going well for you, think about you often

    Things are actually going pretty well for us, home and work

    Miss the heck out of you guys!

    Love ya,


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    • Good to hear from you Tom! Thanks for your comment. We’re doing well here at Suite Spotte. Our loyal, engaged member community has made all the difference. Miss you guys too! Cannot wait for all of us to celebrate the end of this pandemic. Be safe and sending Love to you and all, xxoo Sue

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  2. Thanks Mark. Couldn’t agree more. Active participation in your community of choice has a tremendous return in energy, knowledge, and camaraderie. Guess you can call that “ROC: Return on Community”.:)

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    • Love the ROC – Return on Community!

      This is great Sue!

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    • Well said ! I am taking a number of these points back to TJ Thanks

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