5 Invoice Tools that Set the Gold Standard

Posted By on Jun 18, 2015

Invoicing Tools


As a freelancer, solopreneur or small business owner, perhaps you’ve just made your first sale. Congratulations! Now what? How are you going to collect that money you worked so hard to get?
Maybe this ISN’T your first sale, but you’ve been struggling for some time to find the right bookkeeping system that fits your work style and budget.
In the past, you had to download software and there was a learning curve to using the software. But with more evolved invoicing tools today, you have all of your bookkeeping information at your fingertips merely by logging in.
If you’re not quite ready to turn your invoicing over to a professional, here are some tools for invoicing that leave the rest in their dust:



Features: With this tool, online invoicing for freelancers and small business has never been easier. Not only that, but you can manage expenses for any employees you may have. For the mobile user, there is an app available for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

Freshbooks includes a time tracker that you can set up so that you track the number of hours you worked on a particular project, or the number of hours you worked for a particular client. When you log your time, it is automatically transferred to your time sheet for the week.

A generated invoice will automatically populate with the amount of time spent on each task and the hourly rate, and will calculate a total. You can email the invoice with just a click of the button, and can see when the client has logged in to view and pay the invoice.

The reporting feature is also pretty neat. Simply pick any number of invoicing periods and find out immediately how much revenue was invoiced in that period.


Pricing: Free for one client. With more than one client, you have to upgrade to the Pro version, which is only $19.95 a month.



Features: What differentiates this tool from others is its project management capability. If your company doesn’t already use a project management tool, this may be a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

There’s also a nice little client organization system built in, so it’s almost a mini CRM. It is also able to integrate with many e-commerce stores.


Pricing: Free for up to three clients. $19.95 a month for the next lowest cost plan (up to 100 clients). So the free plan would be great for beginning freelancers, and the $19.95 plan would work the best for a small business.


Zoho Invoicing

Features: Zoho has become a well-known name in social and CRM. It has dozens of integrations, including eight different payment gateways, all the other Zoho products, and several document sharing services.

It also has some of the best customer support of all the invoicing tools. For those interested in adding artistic flair to their invoices, this is surely one to try.


Pricing: Free for up to five customers. $15 a month for those small businesses needing up to 500 invoices a month.



Features: Nutcache is extremely popular with freelancers and small businesses because of the ease of changing the logo and color scheme for your invoices.

This invoicing solution is the hands-down winner for small businesses, as it has a VERY strong project management component integrated in the tool. Project dashboards give you up-to-date statuses in nine different metrics – see real versus estimated results on your current projects. The collaborative boards is a colorful, organized way for the team to share ideas.


Pricing: Free for two users, for two companies. The next Pro level is $14/month, which includes two users and unlimited companies.


AND finally…..


Features: Ronin is a tech savvy person’s dream. You can customize your invoices with your own HTML or CSS. You can send an estimate to your client, and compare how close you are to the estimate at each stage of your project. Ronin also has a built-in CRM, allowing detailed contact information for each client.


Pricing: Free for two companies, one staff user. Next plan is at $15/month for 30 clients and one staff user.
Stop spinning your wheels for several hours trying to make a professional invoice. Use these tools that meet our Gold Standard to bring balance back into your business.


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