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All you accountants out there, read no further or cover your ears for what I’ve got to say to my fellow business owners. Every check, credit card transaction, or cash purchase you make for your business shouldn’t be viewed purely as an expense. I’m not talking accounting principles here, I’m talking mindset. If you treat all spends the same, you will likely miss out on doing things that will have a far greater impact on your business...

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We are proud and excited to release our latest coworking video. True to Suite Spotte’s tag line, “The Go-To-Grow Workplace”, this video is a summer internship project created with our Nazareth Academy intern, Liam Gram. The video was conceived in a discussion with Liam about what he hoped to get out of his Suite Spotte internship. Armed with a curiosity for coworking, plenty of smarts, and a passion for video, check...

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A million+ people will work in a coworking space in 2017… …And that number is growing fast! The closer you are to the city, the more likely you are to have tried coworking, and probably have even gotten hooked. Suite Spotte is spreading the word about coworking beyond Chicago’s city limits to downtown La Grange and now downtown Forest Park too! Why are so many people turning to coworking? Besides having a...

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Would You Rather?

Posted By on Feb 28, 2017

4 simple questions to determine if coworking is right for you:  Would You Rather…?   A) Grab coffee with a colleague OR… B) Get your caffeine-kick alone ___ If you chose A, coworking is a good fit for you! 84% of coworkers consider interaction with other people to be of utmost important. (Plus, at Suite Spotte, coffee and tea are free for members).    Would You Rather…?   A) Work in a room completely on your own, so as to avoid...

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At Suite Spotte, we focus on fostering a collaborative environment. We emphasize the value of people easily interacting with one another. We believe that community and ease are key elements of coworking. Just as important as togetherness, is the ability to separate and work independently. Whether it be in our La Grange space or our soon-to-open Forest Park coworking space, Suite Spotte strives to help members build strong connections...

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