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Guest Post by:  Alissa Lozano


Ever hear the saying “partners in crime”?  When Suite Spotte members, Jennifer Depakakibo and Lis Martin, first came to Suite Spotte, they were running separate marketing businesses; however, frequently collaborated on client projects. They soon realized they could do much more by combining their businesses into one. That’s what led to the creation of Statement Communications, a creative marketing and branding business.

Statement Communications Partners Jen Depakakibo and Lis Martin

Jennifer is a designer and has a strong creative side. Lis on the other hand, is an experienced writer. “A writer and designer are like peanut butter and jelly”, Lis said to describe their business collaboration. Together they offer a variety of marketing services, from website development to designing marketing collateral for clients, which includes digital brochures, special reports, and ad campaigns.

Like many business partners have learned, combining two businesses has its challenges. However, Lis and Jen really believed that the new business was the smart thing to do. And they were right! Since they decided to “take the leap and do it”, their positive outlook has paid off.  Statement Communications continues to grow not only because of their combined creative talent, but also because of their focus on developing strong, trusting client relationships.

Statement Communications’ offices are at Suite Spotte in downtown Forest Park, IL. When asked why they chose Suite Spotte, Lis said, “It’s an amazing place to run a business. Suite Spotte supports developing entrepreneurs who are working to realize their vision.” Jen added, “The member community here is outstanding. Everyone helps each other and really wants to see each other succeed.”

Talking with Lis and Jen convinced me that Suite Spotte is definitely the “spotte” to go to get the support you need to grow your business. For more information book a tour online at

Alissa Lozano is a student at Nazareth Academy in La Grange Park IL. She is interning at Suite Spotte this summer to learn more about entrepreneurship from people who are actively building  their businesses.

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All you accountants out there, read no further or cover your ears for what I’ve got to say to my fellow business owners.

Every check, credit card transaction, or cash purchase you make for your business shouldn’t be viewed purely as an expense. I’m not talking accounting principles here, I’m talking mindset.

If you treat all spends the same, you will likely miss out on doing things that will have a far greater impact on your business growth. Some expenses are smart investments.  If lumped in with printer cartridges and copier paper, you’re not giving them a fair shake.

My mentor is the one who opened my eyes to this many years ago. We talked a lot about what I needed to do to grow my business.  I would immediately respond – “I can’t afford that!”

That’s when I learned about my huge blind spot. The decision was not whether I should spend the money on my business, but whether I should invest the money in my business.

That shed a whole new light on expenses. Investments were the workshops that gave me the knowledge I needed to stay competitive and growing; and, mastermind groups to get me out of my own head; and coworking. Yes, I worked from a coworking space before I started Suite Spotte because I got so much energy, ideas, and inspiration from other members. These were some of the investments I made to take advantage of the growth opportunities I was then prepared to create. And still do today to keep growing.

Sure, money was often tight. But somehow, I found a way. Whether it was by asking for a workshop fee as a Christmas or Mother’s Day gift from family instead of the fresh flowers or new sweater I usually got.  I’ve also been known to sell off some “vintage” items that had been stored away. Or cooking for a month instead of picking up something quick and pricey a few days a week. Or even postponing an upgrade to the latest cool phone. Be creative! The money is there. If you really want your business to grow, you will find it.

The next time an opportunity comes your way that will help move your business forward. Step up and invest in YOU!


Find out more about what you should invest in for your business from the experts at the Rocka Million Weekend.

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We are proud and excited to release our latest coworking video. True to Suite Spotte’s tag line, “The Go-To-Grow Workplace”, this video is a summer internship project created with our Nazareth Academy intern, Liam Gram. The video was conceived in a discussion with Liam about what he hoped to get out of his Suite Spotte internship. Armed with a curiosity for coworking, plenty of smarts, and a passion for video, check out the awe-inspiring results. Oh and did I mention that Liam is a high school senior?…yes I said high school.


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A million+ people will work in a coworking space in 2017…

…And that number is growing fast!

The closer you are to the city, the more likely you are to have tried coworking, and probably have even gotten hooked. Suite Spotte is spreading the word about coworking beyond Chicago’s city limits to downtown La Grange and now downtown Forest Park too!

Why are so many people turning to coworking? Besides having a professional place to work with the tools you need to get stuff done, here’s 10 other reasons why our Suite Spotters keep coming back for more.

ONE:   Working by yourself is lonely, boring, and filled with distractions.

TWO:  Working independently, yet having access to other really smart people at a moment’s notice to answer a question or for feedback, is priceless.

THREE:  Productivity skyrockets.  Time and again, Suite Spotters tell us they get far more done in a few hours at Suite Spotte than at home or any where else.

FOUR:  All the good things about having co-workers, with none of the office gossip or corporate politics.

FIVE:  A community of “cheerleaders” who have your back, and laugh at your jokes (well, most of the time).

SIX:  Suite Spotte is close to home making it easy to dash off to your kid’s school play, or meet the cable guy, then return to work.

SEVEN:  Work on your clock with 24/7/365 access to capitalize on when you get that burst of inspiration, or the kids are finally in bed.

EIGHT:  Cowork one day or seven days…your choice…Suite Spotte has an affordable plan that works for you.

NINE:  Stuff happens, no long-term commitment at Suite Spotte. Come for a day, a month, or forever. It’s up to you.

TEN:  Go where the mood strikes you.  Meet new people or get a creative burst with a change in venue. Suite Spotters can work in the La Grange or Forest Park space regardless of where they initially set up their membership.

Be one in a million.  Check out Suite Spotte today!  Book a tour.

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Would You Rather?

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4 simple questions to determine if coworking is right for you:

  1.  Would You Rather…?


  1. A) Grab coffee with a colleague


  1. B) Get your caffeine-kick alone


If you chose A, coworking is a good fit for you!

84% of coworkers consider interaction with other people to be of utmost important.

(Plus, at Suite Spotte, coffee and tea are free for members).


  1.  Would You Rather…?


  1. A) Work in a room completely on your own, so as to avoid distraction


  1. B) Get the job done while working beside familiar faces


This is a tricky one! At Suite Spotte, both answers are suited for coworking. Whether you are in our La Grange or Forest Park locations, community and individual spaces are available. We offer 1-day, 10-day, and full month memberships with shared space and dedicated space options, priced as low as $10/day


  1.  Would You Rather…?


  1. A) Focus on your health outside of work


  1. B) Approach health with a 24/7 mindset


If you selected B, you are in good company…

70% of coworking members feel healthier than what they did working in a traditional office. And when compared to a traditional office, almost 90% of coworkers report an increase in self-confidence!


  1.  Would You Rather…?


  1. A) Make more money


  1. B) Maintain your current income



We’re hoping this last one was a no-brainer 😉

It has been proven that ex-home-workers who transition to coworking earn 32% more!


Ultimately, if your business operates best with independence, openness, and community, then Suite Spotte Coworking may be the perfect solution for the next phase of your company’s life!


(Source for statistics: First Global Coworking Survey)

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At Suite Spotte, we focus on fostering a collaborative environment. We emphasize the value of people easily interacting with one another. We believe that community and ease are key elements of coworking. Just as important as togetherness, is the ability to separate and work independently. Whether it be in our La Grange space or our soon-to-open Forest Park coworking space, Suite Spotte strives to help members build strong connections with one another while maintaining the highest levels of individual productivity.


The mutual respect shared among like-minded coworking members inevitably leads to serendipitous conversations in the workspace. These interactions open doors for creativity, connection and meaningful introductions. We prefer this format as opposed to the isolation of a coffee shop or the often politically-tainted exchanges of an overcrowded corporate office, and we think you will too!


As much as we love the relationships built within Suite Spotte, we also understand that sometimes our members need to be heads down working to meet important project deadlines. For those occasions when complete focus is priority #1, earbuds or booking one of our private meeting rooms are the method of choice. No phone, no chatting, just getting stuff done.


The ease of transitioning from a community-style environment to a solo workspace within moments is a major time saver for our members. The layout of Suite Spotte encourages ultimate productivity blended with a shared environment for inspiration. Whether an entrepreneur or a remote worker, our La Grange and Forest Park coworking spaces are ripe for growing your business and achieving optimal results. For insight into how members shift from together to apart with Suite Spotte, schedule a tour with us today!

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