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Posted By on May 28, 2015

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With mixed emotions I read the recent Crain’s Chicago Business article about WeWork coworking coming to Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate of small business, and of coworking specifically. I love to see coworking spread locally, nationally, and globally. It’s a boon to small business growth and success.


However, Chicago media coverage may lead you to believe that not a lot of business startups or thriving small businesses exist beyond the city limits. Apparently, coworking doesn’t either. Really?


Consider this an open invitation to our friends at Crain’s to come to Suite Spotte Coworking in downtown La Grange and meet our savvy, energetic, driven, coworking business owners and distributed workers. All of whom live and work locally, and have put tremendous skin in the game because they believe in what they offer.


What sets them apart from their city-bound counterparts? They decided to skip the commute to Chicago while still making incredible things happen every day.


There’s an exciting entrepreneurial world just 13 miles beyond the city limits here in La Grange. Check us out!

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