FDM Mastery Group

Focus - Discipline - Momentum

How to Get the Right Things Done NOW!

The FDM Mastery Group 90-day transformative learning program blends on-demand digital content capsules with in-person learning experiences to take your growth and results to the next level.

Expert Instruction: Learn from experienced professionals who have successfully navigated the challenges of maintaining focus in challenging environments.

Proven Techniques: Our tools combine practical experience and proven practices to help you develop the focus, discipline, and momentum required to excel in today’s rapidly changing business world.

Collaborative Learning: Participate in engaging, collaborative, small group discussions designed to help you further develop and apply the practical skills you practice.

Practical Learning Plan: Developing skills, knowledge and experience using an action-learning approach for accelerated mastery (experiential + peer interaction + formal education).

Supportive Community: Connect with professionals facing common challenges and who “get it”. Build a network of peers who will support your journey to greater growth through focus, discipline, and momentum beyond the program.

FDM Mastery Group 2023

Meet Your FDM Master

Mark Akerley (sigmanow.com) is a Strategic Advisor and Business Coach helping individuals and organizations make smarter decisions to grow and thrive. He works with small and large companies — listening, teaching, collaborating, guiding — to improve results. Focus, Discipline and Momentum is his mindset, and formula for success. Mark’s powerful proprietary FDM formula has steered numerous leaders along a path to substantial growth.

FDM Mastery Group Schedule

Registration Closes: June 5th

1st Digital Capsule Release:          June 12, 2023

1st In-Person Group Session:        July 13, 2023

2nd Digital Capsule Release:        July 14, 2023

2nd In-Person Group Session:      August 17, 2023

Final Digital Capsule Release:      August 18, 2023

Final In-Person Group Session:    September 21, 2023

FDM Mastery Group Participant Fees

Early Adopter: 3 payments @ $750/each                                  Due prior to release of each capsule.

Total program commitment:  $2250                                    Includes 6 digital video-based, on-demand content capsules, 12 practice guides, 3 in-person collaborative small group sessions, access to a private FDM community Slack channel to keep in touch with fellow participants and your FDM Master, and between-session FDM Master coaching.

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