Give Me Ten Reasons: Plus a Word Jumble to Warm Up Your Brain!

Posted By on Jan 31, 2017

Why should you move your business to a Coworking environment?

Here’s a quick list of our top 10, with a fun brain teaser at the end!


1) Proof is in the pudding! Multiple studies and articles have shown that coworking is more beneficial than any other professional environment.


2) Slack in your schedule! Coworking allows for a fluid structure in routine. You don’t have to adhere to the rules of coffee shops, libraries, or even home offices! Our Suite Spotte locations in both La Grange and (soon to be) Forest Park will work with you to achieve your ideal work situation, with 24/7/365 member access.


3) Connections galore! Gone are the days of tapping away endlessly in a coffee shop full of strangers. At Suite Spotte, you get the face-to-face interaction to break up screen time.


4) Network expansion! Not only does coworking allow for the organic growth of working relationships, it also gives your business an advantage in securing new potential clients.


5) No nonsense! Our goal is to provide your business with a private space to meet, collaborate and produce. Our locations offer free bottomless coffee and tea, microwave and refrigerator, with room to relax. We want you to feel taken care of while staying on target with your tasks.


6) Efficiency! Our La Grange and Forest Park coworking spaces offer high-speed internet, printer/copier/scanner, phone booth for private conversations, and more. We aim to provide everything you need to be your productive best!


7) Backed by fact! Our community members are satisfied with their coworking experience and thrilled to share their feedback.


8) Energy exchange! Suite Spotte plays host to an environment full of fresh ideas and inspiration from open dialogue and interaction with your fellow Suite Spotters.


9) Go-2-Grow! Suite Spotte offers workshops, events, and on-demand coaching for personal and business growth. We want to see you succeed!


10) Wow! You made it to our tenth reason. It’s simple but “suite” – At Suite Spotte, our goal is to be the place where your creativity, productivity, and spirit flourish!



Q: How do I move my business to the next level of success in La Grange or Forest Park?

A: (hint: take the 4th letter from every reason above, and unscramble them to fill in the blanks!)

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