Learning and Growth

Learning & Growth

Success in today’s rapidly-changing world requires that we continuously learn ways to be more effective. Combining tried and true methods with new approaches all supported by tools and technology help us to achieve the results we desire from ourselves and from our teams.

The depth of the GTG Community “brain trust” offers spontaneous knowledge sharing and challenge resolution helping members to keep pace. Specific learning and growth initiatives support the desire for personal and professional growth

Suite Spotte’s Go-To-Grow Community understands the value of learning experiences to contribute to members’ growth, development, and success. Programs that explore strategies, processes, and techniques are led by industry experts to broaden the knowledge of our community.

SPOTTE-ON Learning:

Mini-workshops covering practical skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied for both personal and professional growth. Topics are presented by experts in areas of people, processes, and technology. These 60-90 minute interactive sessions may be hosted virtually or in-person depending on the topic and content.

The Leadership Workhub:

A powerful 3-month collaborative learning experience. Combines content-rich video capsules featuring proven leadership concepts, application of new concepts with your team, and small group in-person coaching sessions to further develop new leadership knowledge, share feedback, and build leadership confidence.

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