4 Top Time-Saving Meeting Scheduling Tools

Posted By on Jul 16, 2015

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No one really enjoys the ping-pong match of emails that transpire when trying to schedule a meeting. All of a sudden, dozens of unwanted responses from people who have “Replied All” appear in your inbox. Now you must spend the time to go through and delete them all. No one’s got time for that!

Efficiency means money in your pocket for your business. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that could eliminate the cumbersome emails and give you more time for income-generating activities? Well, there’s more than one low-cost tool that will get the job done!


Meeting Wizard


Some free tools have very imposing ads – Meeting Wizard simply has some small text in the corner, which makes its user interface much more pleasing to use. It’s also unquestionably simple for both you and the person you’re trying to schedule a meeting with. All you have to do is select a few available spots for the meeting, and the recipient then selects the time that is best for them.




Doodle claims to help you find a meeting date 2x faster – it’s true!

Doodle is for those users that don’t like mandatory sign-ups before using the service. It requires no email address or personal information to get started, which also saves time not having to create an account.  The meeting you create generates a link you can share with the meeting attendees and another link that provides an admin view.

The free service is enough for most users, but Doodle has added paid functions that set it apart from similar applications. The $2.99 iOS app allows you to check your schedule and propose meeting through mobile. The Private Doodle service, which starts at $39/year, allows you to send meeting reminders to your busier clients and colleagues. For $69/year, you can have a custom design to fit your brand. This would be beneficial for bigger businesses with a large volume of meetings with clients.




If you do a lot of one-on-one scheduling. ScheduleOnce is the tool for you. However, this clever and comprehensive application also has a group scheduler included in the free version.

Meeting Wizard and Doodle both use the survey approach. ScheduleOnce does the work for you by looking at the availability of all participants. Simply pre-select a few possible times for the meeting and send the link to the other participants. They will highlight their availability and ScheduleOnce will pick the meeting time based on the shared availability.




TimeBridge has quickly grown as a start-up to include over 200,000 users. The product stands out in its ease of use. The meeting scheduler sends out five possible times, and participants mark “yes”, “no” and “best” for each time. If all meeting attendees select “best” for one of the five times, TimeBridge will automatically schedule the meeting for that time. Automation leaves more time to accomplish other things on your priority list.

Time Bridge can also integrate with iCal, Google and Outlook to sync your calendars.



If you’re looking for a meeting scheduling tool to eliminate the tedious email chains, one of these user-friendly tools much just do the trick.


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