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Steve Ryan, RyTech LLCSteve Ryan, who became a Suite Spotte member in January, is the subject of our second Suite Spotlight. Steve has enjoyed the collaboration he’s been able to partake in and the growth he’s seen in other entrepreneurs since joining Suite Spotte.

What are three things that surprised you about coworking?

1. The amount of privacy that I do get while working
2. Collaborating with people in different industries
3. Sounding board to bounce ideas off of each other


When has another Spotter helped you in an unexpected way?

I have had many great experiences at the Suite Spotte. One day Kathy Doyle helped me organize my thoughts on a document before I sent it to my client. And Sue is constantly pushing me to do better and take my company further.


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What are three things that make you feel most inspired?

1. Watching other entrepreneurs thrive
2. Different perspectives
3. Meeting new people all the time and learning from their experiences


What are three big accomplishments you’ve seen from working out of Suite Spotte?

1. Meeting other entrepreneurs
2. Looking forward to going into the office
3. Getting involved in local organizations with other spotters


What is your daily routine on a day you work out of Suite Spotte?

Come in early, often the first one in for the day. Set-up in the main area, varying my spot to find the perfect one. Working while greeting and chatting with other spotters as they come in to the office. Taking a break in the middle of the day to move my car and grab lunch OR running out to meet a client.


Steve Ryan, President of RyTech, LLC, has always been intrigued by technology and the ability for technology to transform an individual’s life, business, or education. A native of the western suburbs of Chicago, Steve Ryan graduated from Marquette University and received a master’s degree in technology from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Additionally, Steve has already successfully developed a number of business websites, begun monitoring the online reputation of businesses and their executives, and developed and deployed a social media strategy for a variety of companies.

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Rocka Million, A Manifesto for the Gutsy Micropreneur by Sue Reardon

I’ve added solo to my list of four letter words.

Many of us proudly proclaim that we are solopreneurs. We boast about being the sole owner of our business, have no employees, and are doing it on our own. Whether we are financially making it or not is rarely disclosed. We’re out there anyway — the proud party-of-one.

But just how proud are we? Are we meeting the expectations we had for our business? Are we being honest with ourselves? Is it really possible to do it on your own?

If you are doing everything on your own to run your business, you are no doubt leaving money on the table. I’ve never met a business owner who had all the skills required to successfully run a business. Sure maybe you are getting by, but you’re not playing to your strengths, and that’s where real growth comes from.

You say you’re not a solopreneur because you have employees that work for you? If you draw on their strengths and allow them to do their jobs without jumping in and micromanaging them, then you’re right. Kudos to you!

But if you are constantly stepping in and telling them how to do their job your way, even though their way works (or may even be better), then you are still operating solo my friend.

I’ve ripped off the solopreneur badge, and I’m actively building collaborations with other business owners. Join me. Soaring collectively is superior to flying solo.

Interested in learning more about playing to your strengths and building collaborative relationships to make real money in your business? Check out my new book, Rocka Million, A Manifesto for the Gutsy Micropreneur. Available on Amazon in paperback or ebook. It would make a great holiday gift too ☺.

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