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  Your small business has an office.  You go there every day (probably for too many hours), get what you can done, and then leave wondering if you actually accomplished anything.  You read an article about coworking and think it sounds pretty amazing, but know that you’re doomed to stay in the same office rut forever. Or are you? Now, more small business owners are freeing themselves from their offices a couple of days a week to reap...

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Are You Coworking All Wrong?

Posted By on Apr 2, 2015

You got a coworking membership to really get some work done.  You figure that you can’t help but be productive if you are surrounded by others who are busily working on their own projects.  So, you put in your ear buds and get in the zone.  You are a one-person powerhouse of productivity.  And you’re doing coworking all wrong. Coworking isn’t just about the work you can accomplish alone.  It’s about connecting...

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