Uninspired? Time for a Change in Venue

Posted By on Mar 19, 2015

Uninspired? Time for a Change in Venue - SuiteSpotte.comToo much of the same-o, same-o?

Feeling uninspired and stuck in a rut?

Are the rays of spring sunshine and warm southern breezes proving to be too big of a distraction to resist?

Often these are sure signs that you’re long overdue for a vacation. But what if you are on a tight deadline and vacation is not an option?

All is not lost, my friend. What you need is a quick change in venue. A mini-retreat from the humdrum to sharpen your focus and recharge your engine.

The reason strategy sessions are held away from the office in a “retreat” atmosphere is not just for the indulgence of the attendees. It’s also because a new, unexpected environment helps attendees to generate unexpected, fresh ideas.

When you find that you’re not up to your typical brilliance, and your perspective seems a bit stale; pick yourself up and go find a new place to work for a morning, a day, or even two.

Plan your own mini-retreat. Go to work in new surroundings and with people who will help stimulate your mind and energize your spirit. Get the juices flowing again.

Now that the Midwestern freeze has all but melted, go for a long walk to the park, follow your mind wherever it takes you, and then set up camp at a quiet table in the park, zoo, or museum.

Or even better, find a coworking space. Even one day a week coworking will change the way you work. Near La Grange? Come check us out at Suite Spotte Coworking. But be careful, you just might get hooked!



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