Working Independently & Collectively

Posted By on Feb 12, 2017

At Suite Spotte, we focus on fostering a collaborative environment. We emphasize the value of people easily interacting with one another. We believe that community and ease are key elements of coworking. Just as important as togetherness, is the ability to separate and work independently. Whether it be in our La Grange space or our soon-to-open Forest Park coworking space, Suite Spotte strives to help members build strong connections with one another while maintaining the highest levels of individual productivity.


The mutual respect shared among like-minded coworking members inevitably leads to serendipitous conversations in the workspace. These interactions open doors for creativity, connection and meaningful introductions. We prefer this format as opposed to the isolation of a coffee shop or the often politically-tainted exchanges of an overcrowded corporate office, and we think you will too!


As much as we love the relationships built within Suite Spotte, we also understand that sometimes our members need to be heads down working to meet important project deadlines. For those occasions when complete focus is priority #1, earbuds or booking one of our private meeting rooms are the method of choice. No phone, no chatting, just getting stuff done.


The ease of transitioning from a community-style environment to a solo workspace within moments is a major time saver for our members. The layout of Suite Spotte encourages ultimate productivity blended with a shared environment for inspiration. Whether an entrepreneur or a remote worker, our La Grange and Forest Park coworking spaces are ripe for growing your business and achieving optimal results. For insight into how members shift from together to apart with Suite Spotte, schedule a tour with us today!

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