Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Suite Spotte Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

TERMS OF USE: It is Suite Spotte’s intent to license to Suite Spotte Members its member community, and for those who choose, a workspace option,  where you can independently grow your business or perform your work physically and virtually in a productive, inspiring environment. There are tremendous benefits to coworking; however, it is not for everyone. The interests of others within the community require that there is a clear understanding of the expectations of all.  Please review these TERMS OF USE prior to registering for or using our services as your use denotes your agreement with the Terms of Use.

PRIVACY POLICY:  Suite Spotte is also very serious about your privacy and is committed to enabling our website visitors and members to feel confident and secure when visiting and using SuiteSpotte.com. Our Privacy Policy is applicable to SuiteSpotte.com only, and not to any third-party website that you may access via SuiteSpotte.com. When accessing any of these third-party websites, we encourage you to review their stated policy and practices concerning privacy prior to use. We encourage you to review our PRIVACY POLICY as by using our website or services, you are consenting to our collection and use of your information as indicated in our Privacy Policy.