Community Membership

Community Built With Intention

What is Community?

Community happens when a group of people give each other permission to be who they truly are and not who they think they should be. Community reaches beyond networking to real connections based on trust and respect. Members form an acceptance of each other and a shared understanding of their individual strengths and needs. Helping each other face challenges and celebrate achievements occurs naturally. Members’ eyes are opened to ideas and perspectives that may differ from their own. In community, these perspectives are explored and celebrated. A community’s openness and curiosity broadens understanding and enriches points of view leading to greater productivity and continuous learning and growth.

Suite Spotte’s Go-To-Grow Community

Our GTG community is built with intention… it does not happen by accident. You’ll find a sense of belonging to something uniquely for you, yet much bigger than you. Members connect with people who get it and have similar ambitions and desires. We encourage our members to show up and take advantage of what the Community offers. Those who do are rewarded with the motivation and energy that comes from working with dynamic, smart, and fun people.

Membership Plans

Each Suite Spotte membership plan includes membership to our Go-To-Grow (GTG) Community. Our physical workspaces have been designed to offer a unique balance of privacy and connection to fellow community members. You benefit from the energy and motivation you can’t get at home, while still focusing on your work to keep your productivity high.

Love flexibility in your work day? You got it with 24/7/365 access to our workplace included with all membership plans.

Zoom calls a part of your work day? Not a problem with access to private phone booths and a generous monthly meeting room allowance.

NEW!! HYBRID MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE for our Frequent Spotter and Resident Spotter memberships for those who need more private workspace time with an open workspace option. Increases the meeting room/day office monthly allowance to 32 hours/month.

Check out our SHARED MEMBERSHIP for our Frequent Spotter, Resident Spotter, and Private Office memberships. Ideal for spouse/domestic/business partners.

Frequent Spotter Membership

If flexibility is key to you, our shared flex desks may be the answer. This on-demand membership option allows you to just show up, choose an available desk for the day, connect your device of choice to the private wifi, and get to work. At the end of the day, pack up and go home feeling good about how much work you got done. A meeting room allowance of 5 hours/month is included with this plan. Shared Frequent Spotter membership available for two business or domestic partners, includes 7 hours/month meeting room/day office allowance; 32 hours/month allowance with Hybrid upgrade.

$290/Month     $350/Month (Hybrid)                 +$50/month (Shared)

Resident Spotter Membership

You choose a dedicated desk where you can set up your dual monitors and any other devices that enable you to do your best work. The locked pedestal file cabinet is perfect to store sensitive files or personal items. Your workspace is up and running for you when you arrive and signals the end of a productive workday when you leave. Shared Resident Spotter membership available for two business or domestic partners. A meeting room/day office allowance of 7 hours/month is included with this plan; 32 hours/month meeting room/day office allowance with Hybrid upgrade.

 $390/Month      $450/Month (Hybrid)                +50/Month (Shared)

Private Office Membership

If you frequently meet with clients and your work requires daily closed door privacy, then this option may be for you. Our private office can accommodate one or two members. Fully furnished with a modern desk and task chair, white board, data jack, mobile file cabinet, and guest chair, which you can replace with your own favorite office decor if you prefer to bring your “personal style” with you. Business mail address service and a generous monthly meeting room allowance is included with this membership plan. Based on availability.

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Team Suite Membership

Small work teams find our team suites ideal for collaborating within a private suite, and still benefit from the community and the many amenities of our workplace. Designed to accommodate 2-4 members, these fully furnished suites include modern desks and task chairs, data jacks, mobile file cabinets, bookcase, guest chair, and white board. Business mail address service and a generous monthly meeting room allowance is included with this plan. Based on Availability.  (Currently Wait List Only)

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Virtual Spotter Membership

If business mail address service and meeting room use is your priority, then this membership plan is ideal for you. All the amenities of our GTG membership is included, however, flex desk use is additional. Your mail will be stored securely for pick up at your convenience. When you need a meeting room, you can book up to 6 hours per month 24/7/365 at any of Suite Spotte’s meeting rooms or designated hourly day offices.


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