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2020 will end. For many of us, it couldn’t end soon enough.

Every year around this time, I get serious about what I want the next year to look like. More than ever before, I know how important it is for me to look and plan forward.

If you are so caught up in the chaos of 2020, thinking about next year may seem like too much. Yet you and I know that we have to if we want to stay on track and grow. I’ve got a solution to get your head in the game. And it involves just one word.

For the past 10 years, I’ve started my new year planning process by choosing a theme word for the year. Why?  Because it sets a tone for the year, it’s an easy way to start fleshing out my priorities and goals, and get my action plan in place. It’s also something that I use throughout the year to help me stay focused on my goals, expectations, and intentions for the year. 

To get the creative juices going, I ask myself these three questions:

  1. What do I want more of?  
  2. What’s stopping me from getting it?
  3. What behavior must I change or action must I take to get what I want?

My 2021 word is “flourish”. This is a bonus word because it is a noun and a verb.  Checking in with our friends at Webster, “flourish” means: a luxuriant growth or profusion; a bold action made to attract the attention of others; a period of thriving (noun). It can also mean: to be in a state of activity or production; to achieve success; to reach a height of development or influence (verb). 

I’ve got big plans for 2021. Suite Spotte will flourish with all the flourishing that will be happening in the new year.  I won’t be taking on 2021 alone. You shouldn’t either. 

The Suite Spotte community hosts a weekly session we call The HOT Seat. It’s a time for members to connect, share ideas and resources, discuss topics of interest, and to brainstorm solutions to member challenges. It’s amazing the brilliance that comes out of these one hour weekly sessions.

On this week’s HOT Seat, members will share their word for 2021. That way we can direct encouragement and support to each other during the year. Saying your word out loud also helps you to own it and stay accountable. 

I’m predicting 2021 is going to be one awesome year for our Suite Spotte community. Stay tuned to watch us flourish!

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Posted By on Apr 15, 2020 |

Suite Spotte’s member community is joining forces during these tough times to help the restaurants located where our members live, work, and play. 

For our weekly HOT Seat meeting, participating Suite Spotte members will buy their lunch from one of two local restaurants selected the prior week.    

Our intent is to share our weekly picks through social media with our neighbors and friends to encourage them to also buy their lunch or dinner from our selected restaurants on our HOT Seat days. 

Everybody’s got to eat, so why not enjoy a great meal and help a fellow business neighbor. 

Suite Spotte Helps Business Neighbors during crisis.

What’s the HOT Seat? 

Since 2015, Suite Spotters participate in a weekly, member-driven entrepreneurial “HOT” Seat.  In the past, we’ve grabbed our lunches (usually purchased from a local restaurant) and gathered in one of the Suite Spotte conference rooms. Since the Stay-At-Home order, our HOT Seat has become virtual via a weekly Zoom meeting. All members from Suite Spotte Forest Park and La Grange are welcome to join the call. 

After briefly updating each other on what’s new, one member is chosen to share an idea or knowledge they recently acquired, recommend a new tool that has helped them, or ask for feedback on a problem they have encountered. It’s that last part that gave this weekly gathering the name “HOT” Seat.   

Members respond by delving deeper into the problem the HOT Seater is struggling with and then brainstorm ideas on how it may be solved.   

We’ve seen amazing results come out of this one-hour meeting.  Ideas for new marketing strategies, sharing of new technology, new resources identified, and the start of new collaborations among members to launch a new product (e.g., Fluid Running H2Go). 

The creativity and power of our Suite Spotter community is boundless. During these challenging times, we want to use our collective energy for the benefit of our member community and beyond to the greater local community. When neighbors help each other, the whole community thrives. 

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…in all honesty our Suite Spotte suburban coworking community is blessed with a lot of winners. But this month we’re featuring one of the special ones, Shannon Lucas, a member of the RyTech digital marketing team, and a 2019 WSCCI Regional 30 Under 40 Award recipient.

Shannon Lucas with her Cockapoo puppy Shep

You’re a digital marketing professional Shannon — why did you decide to follow that path?

I graduated from Loras College in 2013 with a degree in Business Management. Being in college as social media was really beginning to takeoff, I always knew it was going to play a huge role in my life….and here I am at RyTech, a full service digital marketing agency.

Tell us Shannon, what’s a typical day like for you at RyTech?

Most of my days are spent engaging with social media accounts online, reading up and keeping up-to-speed on the latest trends and tech features, and creating unique and innovative strategies for each of my clients, whether through social media or email.

What is your favorite thing about the work you do?

Hands down it’s collaborating with clients to grow their organizations, and then coming up with new ways to get the word out about all of the great work they’re doing in the community!

When you’re not working digital wizardry, what do you like to do?

I love spending time with my friends and family, attending Chicago Blackhawk and White Sox games (big fan!), and hanging with my Cockapoo puppy, Shep, who turns one the first week of June! Happy Birthday Shep!!

You were just awarded the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce Regional 30 Under 40 Award.  Congrats! Who nominated you?

I was so proud to be nominated by a client, Barb Kartzmark with the Western Springs Park District, whom I have been working with for the past year! It was truly a surprise, and I’m really grateful to Barb for her support. It’s also quite the honor to represent RyTech within our local community.

Shannon Lucas, 2019 WSCCI Regional 30 Under 40 Award Recipient

What does it mean to you to be a Regional 30 Under 40 Award recipient?

This is my first professional award, so it really means a lot!! What even made it more special was that a client took time out of their busy day to nominate me for the Award. This has also set into motion my plan to be an EGOT Winner!

What are three words to best describe you and your work ethic?

  1. Perfectionist
  2. Organized
  3. Detail-oriented

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself Shannon! If you’re looking to make your digital mark with high quality and consistency, our award-winning, Suite Spotter Shannon Lucas has what you need!

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Chatting It Up With Fatenah Issa

Posted By on Mar 7, 2019 |

You can say “Good Morning” to a fellow coworker each day and spend time together in the kitchen waiting for the microwave to warm up your egg and bacon biscuit sandwich; yet you may never really know how awesome they truly are.  

Over the next few months, we’re going to dig a bit deeper into the lives of our Suite Spotte members in Forest Park and La Grange. It’s going be fun learning about and sharing their amazing talents and little known factoids.

Fatenah in Arabic garb

In honor of International Women’s Day, we bring you a recent conversation we had with Suite Spotter Fatenah Issa, who we are blessed to work with here in Forest Park.

Let’s start with your background.  Tell us:  Who is Fatenah Issa?

I’m the daughter of immigrants. My family is originally from Baghdad, Iraq. So basically I grew up between two cultures that tended to be more out of sync.  I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

My father came to the US on a student VISA in 1957, went back to Baghdad and married my mom in 1969, then brought her to the States. They were here the rest of their lives. Their names are commemorated on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor.

I follow a vegan lifestyle.  I’ve been vegan for 9 years and vegetarian 13 years prior to that.  This is incredibly important to me from all avenues: health, animal rights, environmental issues, as well as just trying to save the planet!

What about your work life?  Tell us about the professional you.

 I am an instructional designer, which is a fancy way of saying “educational architect.” I currently work for Orbis Education, an OPM (outsourced program management) firm that specializes in partnering with universities across the country to help develop health sciences programming.

What’s your favorite thing about your work?

There are two actually:

I love to learn and I love to share! I’m constantly investigating new research and best practices to bring the best student experiences to online higher ed courses.

I thrive on discussion.  So having members of my team available to “talk shop” and brainstorm is key for me.

In costume for the Newberry performance — Ouled Nail garb

Pick three words that best describe you.

Curious, humble, caring     

When you unplug from your instructional design work, what do you do?

There are several things I love to do to help with the work-life balance.

I study Middle Eastern dance at Pineapple Dance Studio right here in Forest Park. We learn a variety of dance styles and get the opportunity to perform.

The last major performance was at the Newberry Library, where we performed choreographies similar to what would have been performed at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Here’s the blurb from their site.

Threatened by a fearful Dalek, a gold metal monster

I’m also an avid Doctor Who fan! I’ve been a fan since I was 8 years old. Not only do I enjoy watching but I help run conventions. One where I’ve helped run for close to 15 years in the registration department is Gallifrey One, a Doctor Who convention that has now been running for 30 years! The link is to the staff list, where I’m named under the registration team.

I’m an Ambassador for the Sugar Beet Food Co-op in Oak Park. During the warmer months I volunteer my time to help run the Sugar Beet table at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market.  I also help promote various events there via social media.

Flotsam, Jetsam, and Duncan — the overlords

Lastly, I’m just a very happy cat mom. Three furry overlords run my home (I just pay the mortgage…they run the place really 🙂 ).

What’s your favorite thing about being a member at Suite Spotte?

The atmosphere that Sue has created in the space is just incredible. It’s a lovely alternative to working from home (which by the way is less than a 10 minute drive for me).

Also, the other members are super friendly.  Even though we stem from different industries there are challenges we all face, which helps when I need to brainstorm.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

My gut reaction to this question is that the day honors our voice, our contributions to the world, as well as reemphasizing the dire need for equality. The work continues to ensure gender equality. We’ve come so far. At the same time there’s still work to be done.


Thank you Fatenah for sharing your amazing life with all of us. You are smart, talented, delightful, and have the best laugh ever!!  Stay tuned next month when we delve into the life of another Suite Spotter. Happy International Women’s Day! #BalanceforBetter


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Why Suite Spotter Mike Bash Coworks

Posted By on Sep 20, 2015 |

Mike BashAs we get ready to kick off RUSH WEEK at Suite Spotte, fellow coworker Mike Bash of Silcon-Valley-based start up, Eversight, shares his decision to become a Suite Spotte member with Morgan Searles of Check out what Mike has to say here.

Thanks Mike and Morgan for helping to spread the word!

Free Rush Week Coworking Trial Sept. 21-25 at Suite Spotte, in partnership with the La Grange Business Association.


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