5 Time Management Tools that are Better than Chocolate

Posted By on Apr 9, 2015

Time Management Tools


How many people do you know that couldn’t live without chocolate? That delectable sweetness and savory texture and the unparalleled smell leave most people begging like a Boston terrier.

Nothing much compares to chocolate, except maybe a few time management tools that organized entrepreneurs couldn’t live without.

How possibly could a time management tool be better than a delightful M&M or a lusty little piece of Dove dark chocolate you say? Trust me – once you use these tools, your life wouldn’t be quite the same without them ever again.  Much like the beloved chocolate.


• Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk adds your tasks to a to-do list, prioritizes them and manages them across several different devices. This superb to-do list app is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar, BlackBerry, and Android. You can access your list from anywhere, at any time.

It has even now added an Evernote compatibility – your Evernote reminders will also appear in your Remember the Milk list. Remember the Milk beats milk chocolate any day.


• Evernote

Evernote is a free and widely-known productivity tool that allows users to capture ideas and images from the web through searchable notes. If you’re a content marketer, you can create a notebook for each client and easily organize your curated content.  It also has a chat platform to communicate with other users.

For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade to Evernote Business.  Evernote Business allows you to create a collaborative hub for your team and effortlessly share project information. The combination of benefits in Evernote to be better than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  And that’s a tough treat to beat.


• RescueTime

Have you ever felt like you worked all day, but have gotten nothing substantial done?

RescueTime for Windows and Mac will help you hone your efficiency by calculating how much time is spent on websites. It will send you a weekly report of time spent so you can see where you can improve in efficiency.

It also helps you plan for the next week by setting goals. RescueTime claims to recover up to four hours of time a week for you.  It’s like the Andes mint of chocolate – it’s full of everything good in the world.


• MindMeister

Mind-mapping is an efficiency tool that is growing in popularity. It’s exceptionally beneficial for visual people.

MindMeister helps you organize your thoughts into an effective mind map that you can collaborate on with others. This mind-mapping system also works well for goal-oriented people, as it focuses on goals and not tasks. It’s a sophisticated tool that is reminiscent of a chocolate truffle.


• Google Calendar

Google Calendar is like the Hershey Bar of the time management tools: it’s a staple product that will last the test of time. There’s so many apps that sync with Google Calendar, and that’s a huge time saver.

Put all your meetings on Google Calendar, where you can invite other participants and include detailed information on the meeting. You can also view other calendars, for example that of the entire company or a colleague, simply by having them share it with you.

These tools are life-changers. They will streamline your business in ways you never thought possible, and leave you with more free time doing the things you love.

An added bonus – not a single one of these tools will add an inch to your waist, no matter how much you indulge.  Now, how could chocolate possibly stand up to that?

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