Is the Coffee Shop Grinding Your Business to a Halt?

Posted By on Jan 13, 2016

A recent blog post by a young professional shared advice on how one simple change had a major impact on her bottom line.

This smart marketing professional had made great strides in getting her name out via social and in-person networking during the first three months of her business. Where she found herself running into a roadblock was moving her promising prospects beyond the initial consultation.

After trying different approaches to presenting her business, she finally realized that it had nothing to do with her knowledge and expertise. It came down to where she held these meetings — at the local coffee shop — which left an unprofessional impression on prospective clients. The crowds, crying babies, and blaring ringtones constantly interrupted the flow of the discussion and limited any meaningful conversation.

By simply moving her consultations from the coffee shop to a meeting room in a professional environment, she saw her conversion rate skyrocket. The new venue allowed the discussion to stay focused on the prospect’s needs, and the professional atmosphere added credibility to her business. Prospects were more open about their challenges because they felt more comfortable sharing information in a private setting. It was easy for her to be at the top of her game because she felt more confident in the professional space.

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